Bid Reviews

Lighthouse uses engineers, attorneys and surety experts with decades of experience to review bids in order to (a) provide comfort to a bonding company, an owner and a contractor that a bid is reasonable or (b) identify problems with a bid that should be addressed before they cause major damage to all parties.



Disbursement Control Services

Lighthouse pays your bills on a project in accordance with your instructions. Why give up the slightest control of the money? The answer is that Disbursement Control provides a contractor with a way to further enhance its own credit with a bonding company, a bank, an owner or general contractor, and even some subcontractors and suppliers.



Project Monitoring Services

Our professionals periodically visit the construction site, as well as review the contractor's documents and records, in order to measure the progress on the project, report to the bonding company or the bank, and discuss any recommendations or concerns with the contractor.



Escrow Account Services

We establish individual escrow accounts, hold money safely, and transfer funds in accordance with your instructions. Our escrow services cover many different types of business transactions. We are not an online escrow agent where "one size fits all". Rather, we work with you to address the specific concerns that generated the desire for an escrow in the first place, and we tailor our services to meet your needs.